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10th Anniversary of SparkFun AVC

Save the date: September 7-9

Boulder County Fairgrounds

Just when you thought we couldn’t make SparkFun AVC any bigger or any better, we are bringing the event back home this year to celebrate 10 years of autonomous vehicles. In honor of AVC’s origin story (more on that later!), this year we plan to focus on the heart and soul of the event: our competitors.

Stay tuned for some big announcements, including new competition categories, prizes, super sponsors, travel information, and special events for each of our competitors.

Event Information


September 7–9


Email the SparkFun crew at

2018 Event Rules

Combat Bots

We are adding a 60-lb weight class! Slappers-only, no kinetic energy weapons.

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Autonomous Car Wars

Things to know: Coffee cup must be in the driver’s hand the whole time!

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Speed Demons

Same ol' speed demons. Get around the track as fast as possible!

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Logistics Class

Task-based competition designed to test your robot's skills moving objects with precision.

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Announcement Dates

Don't hold us to these...

May 1: Rules Posted

May 24: Registration now open

Competitions for 2018

Classic AVC

  • Autonomous Car Wars
  • Speed Demons
  • Logistics Class

Combat Bots

  • Plastic Ants (1-lb, students only this year!)
  • Antweight (1-lb)
  • Beetleweight (3-lb)
  • Hobbyweight (12-lb)
  • Featherweight (30-lb)
  • Lightweight (60-lb)

Lodging Information

Fairfield Inn:

1089 Hover Street
Longmont, CO 80501
Rate: $149/night with breakfast

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Courtyard Marriott:

1410 Dry Creek Drive
Longmont, CO 80501
Rate: $139/night no breakfast

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